I did it!

National Poetry Month is coming to an end and I have finished my poetry marathon! Thank you all for your support.  I am including a link to the archived 30/30 poems.

IMG_3518This project was a good exercise for me in daily writing–it was harder than I thought and something that I aspire to continue. Lars (cat) and Fran (dog) have been my loyal writing companions, waking up with me in the early hours to write and watching the sun set with me for inspiration. How easy it is to let the daily tasks and concerns take over during the in-between time!


With this space for daily writing, I have been surprised by the subjects that came up for me. In some instances I was influenced by current events, like the recent earthquake in Nepal, but I also found some deep memories surfacing as well as a lot of reflection on my pregnancy. I regularly found myself reaching out to the landscape around me and luckily it was very willing to answer back.

I can’t say that any of the poems are done.  They may end up as stanzas in other poems or totally rewritten.  The exercise of sharing these “rough drafts” daily was also a challenge for me.  I tend to be a perfectionist and this marathon was a helpful act of vulnerability. I appreciated hearing about the poems that my readers have liked and fielding the questions about the ones that were confusing.

Onward into May–thank you for reading!