30/30 Week 1

The 30/30 project is underway and I am excited to be creating new work alongside such a talented group of poets. I hope that you have a chance to read through the daily posts and if you feel so moved support Tupelo Press.  I have some lovely letterpress versions of my poems, printed by the talented Jules Faye, to offer anyone that makes a donation to Tupelo Press in my name during this poetry marathon.

Writing daily is a constant goal of mine, but between teaching and the farm season sometimes weeks go by without a spare minute to collect my thoughts and get some words on the page. In this rich and rare interview with Mary Oliver, she confesses that she writes daily and always writes her poems by hand. I do keep a fairly regular journal and I go back and forth between writing by hand and the convenience of the computer. As long as I am writing I am content at this point. The 30/30 project is a great experiment in habitual writing–we will see where this month takes me!

Lars, our former barn kitty turned man of leisure, seems to crave my attention exactly as I find the time to sit at my desk to write.  Despite his antics, I am 5 for 5 with my poems and look forward to another week of new writing. Thank you for your support!