30/30 almost halfway

My poetry marathon, otherwise known as the Tupelo 30/30 project, continues and day 15 out of 30 is rapidly approaching! I have enjoyed the rigor and discipline of writing every day and as this months goes on I am moving beyond a “get it done mentality” to really enjoying and digging into the process. Many thanks to the people supporting me along the way! I am close to exceeding my fundraising goal.


Last weekend I was at the AWP conference in Minneapolis and I am proud of myself for continuing to create some new work amidst the fervor of words, conversation and ideas at that event. Over 12,000 people attended this year’s conference and it felt like it.  I was overwhelmed, exhausted, inspired and astounded by all the talent gathered in one place.


Some new discoveries for me were fiction writer Bonnie Jo Campbell and poet Diane Seuss. Both women were featured on a panel called Hick Lit, which focused on writing from rural places.  I loved their readings and found their commentary on rural life both hilarious and relatable.  Some other new creative non-fiction finds for me were Seattle-area writer Elissa Washuta and Oregonian Lidia Yuknavitch.


My list goes on and on as well as my moments of awe after seeing and hearing many of my favorite writers and poets.  Minneapolis has a vibrant literary scene and I enjoyed my weekend of Midwestern city life.

Back at the farm I am deciding on when to plant what where, but there are still more poems coming this month. Thanks for reading!